Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Grandma Lois' Home Going

We love you Grandma Lois!
Bruce Family Picture!
Uncle Nate with Bee and her strong hold.
My dad and my sister Melissa!
Grandma Asta and Grandma Peggy.

Jill, my dad and Papa Tom.Bee, Ainsley and Papa Lyle!
Sarah, Jordan, Susan, Taylor, Bee, Kristian, Lindsey, and Paul!
Another Bruce Family Photo!


Happynhanford 12:17 AM  

I have been loving all your blogs....
Sorry I have not been commenting.
Pics are terrific! Great memories.
Been busy at gma's house.
Tomorrow I am having her Bible Study Ladies/friends
over after BStudy to choose a memory of Gma.
Think estate sale will be more of a garage sale... I am keeping a lot of the furniture for now until we have time to start remodel.
Thanks again for the memories!!!!!
Love Them and YOU!

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