Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter 2011
Jesus has Risen!

Still no camera at the Bruce household. I need to get to BnH in Manhattan to try some camera out! We should find out tomorrow if DriveSavers is able to recover the data on Cory's hard drive. In case you didn't here...Cory's work computer's hard drive crash and lots of data was lost. Thanks to Shannon for sending us this picture from church today!


Happynhanford 3:44 AM  

Cute Easter Family Pic. So colorful and happy!
Love you guys!

Marlee 7:31 PM  

Awwww you have a beautiful family :).

Lindsey 12:43 PM  

Darling picture. So sorry about the computer, but better it than you. Love...L.

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