Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mimi! Grandpa Robert! Nana Jill! Uncle Jason! Oh My!

I'm back! Mega blog is here! Sorry, but the pictures are in reverse order.
It was so great having so many guests this past month! I have to tell you all...I love my family! Mimi Marlene is so awesome! I got to spend a lot of time with her and Bee and I loved every second of it! Thanks Mimi for being a wonderful mother-in-law to me and grandma to Bee! We have so much to learn from you!
I have the best Dad! Thanks Dad for being a wonderful Dad to me for my whole life! You make me very happy the way that you always encourage me in my life! Thanks for marrying two wonderful ladies! My mom (I miss you mom!) and Jill! Jill, I always enjoy our time together! You are so great! Jason! I have really enjoyed watching you grow up! I can't believe how awesome you are! Thanks for being so cool!

Bee turned 20months old on Sunday!!!
Kitty Shirt from Mimi and purse and outfit from Grandma Asta!
Bee says "My Mimi made this for me!"

Bee loved watching the Bee Dance. She kept asking for more and pointing at the dancers and saying "Bee!"

Clem's mom was in town visiting from Paris! It was fun to finally meet her!
Playing with Grandpa Robert is fun!
Sarah got us in to a fun after-party at the Nora Jones Concert in Prospect Park.
It was a lot of fun hanging out with my dad and Jill!

I always try to carry chalk with me so if there is sidewalk there can be Bee art!
We had fun traveling around Downtown Manhattan.
Our freshly paved street. You could even feel the heat radiating from the street!

Bee and Grandpa watching the street being worked on.
Half paved street.
Bee liked watching the tractors! I found the whole street paving process really fun and interesting to watch!
Bryna, Olgierd and Felix!
I like this picture of Bee running down the rose garden.
Grandpa Robert and Nana Jill in front of the Brooklyn Museum.
Family picture time!

Grandpa Robert watched Bee while Jill and I went to craft night!
Family Time!

We had a lot of fun playing and dancing on the living room rug!
Jill and I went to an arts and crafts event put on by Etsy! It was glass painting night!

Grandpa Robert installed our new faucet and helped me refinish our butcher block kitchen counter!
Breakfast at Tom's. It was a tight fit to get all 6 of us around a table made for 4 but we thrive in small spaces!

I am trying to get caught back up with my blogging! Here are the rest of the Bee and Mimi pictures!

Mimi is a talented seamstress. She helped (okay she did it all) me take a really big vintage dress and fit it down to my size. Cory and I went to a fun HBO party in Manhattan.
The party was for the Neistat Brothers new show. Here they are answering questions from the audience after the showing.
Bubbles!!! Mimi bought Bee a new "bee" bubble wand. Bee woke up the next morning yelling "bubbles." She loves them so much!
Kite flying in Prospect Park.
Park Fun!
Bee: The Strongest Toddler Alive!
Chalk! This is a picture of a hairy kitty!

Bee had a ton of fun with Mimi! Mimi brought a ton of fun things to play with Bee!
When one is not enough!

Treats from Uncle Louie G's! Yummy! This was the last time I saw Hillary before she gave birth! Congratulations Hillary and Joe!!!
Dinner at an Australian Restaurant!
Off to church! I love Bee's new outfit made by her Mimi! It's an BeeBeesOriginal! Check out her Esty page.
Bee opened a present from Kerry! Thank you Kerry!
Shopping with Mimi!
Bee and Mimi go to the Fort Greene Flea Market.
Bus ride!


Happynhanford 9:41 PM  

Excellent! I love the memories! The Bee Day pictures are priceless! Love them!
Hugs all around!

Bakka 5:38 AM  

so. how long? and i think you had a great idea of putting the captions at the bottom of the picture. im sure it saves a lot of time re-spacing.....

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