Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Happy Easter!!! I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend! Jesus has Risen!

I apologize for not blogging. We have been super busy. We have bought an apartment in Brooklyn and have been getting ready to move and getting the new apartment ready for us! We move on Wednesday and we still have lots to do but I wanted to at least put a couple of pictures up. I will have a ton more when I get a chance. Bee had fun hunting Easter Eggs in the park with her daddy.
A sneak peak of our new place! Bee was helping daddy pick out some good music!
It's almost 3am so I think I better get ready for bed!


Travel_with_a_purpose 1:50 PM  

Bee is SOOO grown up!

Happynhanford 3:06 PM  

Yea! Great to see my girl again! Floors are looking great in the new place! Congrats again on your new place!
Love, Mimi

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