Tuesday, February 10, 2009

rolling down the yoga mat

Daddy loving baby Bee
Bee likes looking in the mirror but she loves...looking at Mama (or the camera).
I gave Cory a matching hair cut to Bee!
After church on Sunday we went to Jessica's house. She is moving on this coming Sunday to L.A! She will be missed, but she says she will be in NY a lot for her business so we will still be seeing her a lot!
Bee's tummy time sessions have been getting better! She can now roll from her tummy to her back! Check out the video below.
She looks like baby Cory in this picture!

Daddy taking a work break for some Bee time!
What are they doing?
Notice Cory's thick curly hair!

Roll Bee Roll!
She rolled a few times before I was able to capture this video. Listen for a surprise after she rolls!

Bee playing with some toys


nate-in-the-box 1:58 PM  

Your head has a hood ornament, other than that it looks good

Anonymous 11:33 PM  

To Cory...I like the do! I am amazed how wonderful you both look with the same style!
About Bee...what a smart baby! Is that giggling at the end of the roll over video? Our sound is not working well, and I think that is what I heard.
Those tummy shots are darling!

Anonymous 11:03 PM  

I truely think that Bee is the cutest baby in the world!!! You guys aren't bad either.
Love you, Tammy

Anonymous 2:17 PM  

Oh how I miss baby Bee!!!
Annie and cory, I miss you too!!
Her rolling video is fabulous!!
I just want to squeeze her, she is so cute!!
Great new hair Cory-like father like daughter.
You are all loved and prayed for
Auntie Kerry

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