Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Things

Meet our back yard buddy. I call her "Shelia" or "Pumpkin." She visits us when we are working in our back yard. She is the most affectionate cat I have met. I wish she could talk so she could tell me where she is from. I don't think that she has a home now but it sure seems like she has had one in the past. She want to make a home with us but unfortunately we can't do that.We visited the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Saturday. It was packed because all of the tress are in bloom.

Tulips are also in full bloom everywhere.
I love how vibrant they are.
On Thursday I had a day off (Congrats to Anthony who graduated from boot camp: The school went to his graduation and let everyone else have the day off) and Cory and I met Clem and Ryan in Prospect Park for a picnic and frisbee outing.

Cory loves flying his shark kite. He found it at the park because it was missing a piece but it still flies thanks to a good old fashion stick!
An early morning before work picture.

Beautiful bulbs in front of a Park Slope house.
Prospect Park
A busy day at the Dog Beach. My favorite place to hang out in the park because there is always a show happening.
How do you like our new table and chairs? I love it! It was manufactered by Arvin company (I'm not familar), as it says on the original label underneath. It was posted on Craigs List as a "yellow metal 50's style table" and would be put out at 10pm. So, we showed up at 9:30 and there it was. We were a few miles away from home so we were happy to have a cab pull up next to us. So, this free table just cost us a cab ride home. Well worth it! In this picture you can also see out three tomato plants growing on our window sill. We will plant them in the back yard when they are big enough. On Sunday after church we went to Union Square for the annual Gardan Grows Festival. It is my favorite festival of all year. They give out plants and food at every booth. Planted already in the backyard is an ivy plant and a marigold plant. I also won a raffle prize of a hand held outdoor radio and pruning shears. Good Times.


Anonymous 10:44 PM  

You just can't beat a radio-pruning shear combination. The table and chairs are great, are they old or a replica? Midget

coryandannie 11:02 PM  

Authentic 1949 stylings, no repro here. Chairs are a tad faded, and the table has some scuffs, but for its age, it's in amazing shape.

The Ant 10:58 PM  

Fabulous fun in the Big Snapple!

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