Sunday, February 24, 2008

Annie Goes to Paris

I had February Vaction this past week and I spent 4 1/2 days in Paris, France. I stayed with Anna. She lives right by the Eiffel Tower.
BABY UPDATE: I am 7 weeks pregnant and on Friday we heard the babies heartbeat and we saw it on the screen. I look at my belly a lot now and try to visualize what exactly is going on inside. I still can't believe we are having a baby!
A Complete Vegetarian Plate.

Le Louvre
I loved the doors in Paris.

Best Macaroon ever. I had never had a macaroon like this before. It was amazing.

An empty carousel next to the Eiffel Tower.
I walked up to the second level of the Eiffel Tower.
Nice view! You can see the L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE above my head.

The Tower at night was amazing.

In Paris they have bike stations all around the city that you rent from 30 minutes to a full day. It is a really neat idea.
I ate Dinner at Anna's house one night. It was the best.
It would be fun to live in this building.
I want to photoshop this to say Cory's.
Aunt Tammy, do they ever call you this...?
I don't remember what this building is for.

Shopping for the new baby in Paris was fun but unproductive since everything is expensive. Plus I can't by an outfit for a girl if we are having a boy!
I did by some shoes and socks that were on sale that will work for both. I also bought some new and some used French kids books.
I want my baby to sleep in here.

L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE was a lot bigger that the arches' in New York.

The Palace gates.

The view from LE SACRE COEUR
Cute French Restaurant

Eating lunch at Anna's house.
Pretty money

I flew with Air India. It is really nice because you get good food and a large private screen that has movies, music, games, and television shows. I watched a lot of movies.
Paris airport coming home!


Bakka 7:39 AM  

looks like you had an awesome time. that feeling you had staying with an awesome friend in an awesome city is what i feel each time i come to ny. thanks again....

Anonymous 11:30 AM  

If that baby comes out wearing a beret with a glass of wine and smoking a cigarette calling me Grand-pere....I'm going to be upset! M

Anonymous 9:57 AM  

Fabulous Pictures! Makes me want to hop on a plane! Love the tower lit up and all the shots you took! Anna is so beautiful in all the pics. Lucky baby to see the world so early! Glad you got to go! Love, Mom

Anonymous 8:28 PM  

wow annie, these photos are gorgeous and you look wonderful as always! how much fun. i am happy for the life you and corey are living together.
my mom's computer at work has the internet. pretty cool... nice to catch up on your bloggies

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