Thursday, November 15, 2007

Monday in Nicaragua

We commuted to work each day. I loved the views of the wheat fields.
I loved coloring with the kids the best. They loved seeing me and I they were great teachers. I learned a lot of spanish from them.

One of my favorite meals was this one. They looked like cookies but they were patties made of soy.

The kids loved having their photos taken. I heard the request "una foto" a million times over the week. After the picture was taken they wanted to see it (thank you digital cameras). It is hard to believe that most of the kids had never seen pictures of themselves.

Gobble Gobble?

Dog Tired
"Eddie" was a very gentle bird that lived in the tree at the construction site where we built the house. (We worked in two team building two houses and I worked on the two sisters house who own "Eddie"). He loved having pictures taken of him.
Two kids at the other work site.
Playful pups
We called this job "working with steel." The steel frames were to help protect the house from earthquakes.
At the end of day one, the house had a foundation.


nate-in-the-box 11:40 PM  

those are not turkeys, they are helmeted guinea fowl (of the "pearl" coloration) very pretty feathers, black with white polkadots. they eat bugs, and tend to be smarter than chickens, reasonably good pets. and eddie is an orange fronted conure.

you look so thrilled to be working with steel.

what a cool way to see the country.

Anonymous 8:15 PM  

Beautiful country, Bright pictures! It must be a satisfying feeling to accomplish building a house for someone that needs a better place to live. I'm proud of you, Annie!

Ain't no botanist but, 9:01 AM  

looks like corn to me!

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