Sunday, September 09, 2007

More California Pictures

Callie stole me heart the second I saw her. I love her so much.

Wow, take a look at those flowers. This picture was not edited. I had never seen a flower garden quite like this. I want to know the name of those flowers.

Cory is the fire man!

Melissa and her baby Tessa! Melissa and I played on our first softball team together and just about everyone other team since then. I will join her on the baby team at a much later date.

I have a little obsession with horses and this guy is no exception. I think he liked me too!

Fresno Pacific Reunion. From left to right. Rebecca and her daughter Lily, Ivana (married), Tyler (due in December), Me, Andrea (son Brady and expecting), Amanda (married), and Andrea (engaged). We ate at BJ's Brewery and I ordered a pizza. It was awesome. Thanks to Mallory for suggesting it.
If in doubt, throw it out.

Cory and Grandpa Clayton.

Brady Nathan will climb anything and everything.
I can't believe how fast he is growing!

Still more CA pictures to follow.


Anonymous 12:57 AM  

Good family and friends....cute babies...Calif. has it all. It was so great to see you! c-mom

ASDude 1:17 AM  

Here we come!

and more to follow

Anonymous 5:58 PM  

Could the flowers be dahlias. I think maybe so. That horse looks familiar also. Midget

I'll take California trivia for 1000, Alex 11:34 PM  

That is a Carmel Comstock Cottage made famous in Thomas Kincaide paintings with a lovely dahlia garden. They love the morning fog.

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