Monday, August 06, 2007

Ready or Not, Here we Come!

Tomorrow we will be in the Central Valley!!!
Jordan and his girfriend Sara are visiting New York. Before New York, they spent 3 nights at Ben Folds' house in Tennessee.

My hair desginer Frank made me curly!
Here I am in Central Park. Today, Cory spent the whole day in Central Park on the set of the new M. Knight movie, "The Happening." Check it out July 2008.
Tonight, the four of us went to a Lauryn Hill concert in Brooklyn. For free!
Coney Island has been our favorite hot spot this week! The sand is cool and the water is warm!


amorphous nate 12:42 AM  

its sooo nice to see cory at the beach with shorts on. how was lauryn hill?

Anonymous 1:22 AM  

Hey Annie...your hair looks amazing! C&A Looking forward to tomorrow! See ya soon!
Love, Mom

ASDude 1:02 AM  

nice headline ... I just got it .. Lauryn Hill, haha

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