Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Our one year celebration continues

In the "Metro" paper you can send "kisses" to loved ones. I sent one in to the paper for Cory a few weeks ago and it showed up in today's paper.
The Metro is one of the newspapers that is free in the city. It is perfect to read on the subway.

A surprise from my Dad, Jill, Melissa and Jason came Saturday morning. It is an edible arrangement.

Strawberries, grapes, pineapple and melon daisys, and chocolate covered oranges, oh my!

15 minutes later and you can see the damage that we did.

Friday we took the students on a Circle Line cruise.

The tallest building in New Jersy. It is the Goldman Sachs tower and next to it is the 50ft wide working clock that used to be on top of building.

We were not alone on the water.


More Jersey


Lady Liberty


Anonymous 10:40 AM  

Oh...Yummmmmmmy! That basket was beautiful! Nice day to teach! Tough Fridays....but somebody has to do it! Nice pics! Mom

ASDude 4:30 PM  

you and the students always hard at work, learning about life in New York. Like the pictures. The fruit basket is probably gone by now, it looked great.

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