Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The blog is back.

Our blog is back! Sorry for the lapse in blogging. Things have been crazy since we moved to the BK. The day before we moved we went to Brooklyn College to watch Joe and Will perform the play that Joe wrote and is working on. Here we all all in the subway ride home.
Monday of last week Cory had a "New York Moment" when he was walking on 34th Street and ran into Corinne who he hadn't seen since high school graduation. She was here for two days with Lorenzo Neal who was a host on a ESPN show. We met had dinner and watch the chapionship basketball game at the ESPN Zone in Times Square. You all should know Lorenzo because he is a LHS and FSU graduate turned Pro Football player. The #1 fullback in the league. He now plays for the San Diego Chargers.

Here is one picture of our room before the paint job. The following pictures are of our room. This room is 3 times the size of our last apartment and this room is only a third of our apartment. So, there will be more pictures coming.
Green Walls!!!!!!!!!!!! We like our new green walls. You can see our new twin bed we bought of craigslist. But we have decided that we need a bigger bed! We had a twin bed in the last place but we haven't been sleeping well in the new bed. The double doors lead to the next room which we call "the studio" and/or "the bike room."
This is the view of the other side of the room. The windows face the street and let in good light during the day. Cory installed our Venetian blinds we bought at Ikea.
Here is the clost in the room. The shelves we installed by Cory with what he found on the street. He is amazing.
We find all of our furniture on the curb and they are usually perfect pieces but sometimes they need a little love just like the dresser we found on our street. Cory have it a nice new paint job and make shelves! Our room is very peaceful to live it. Even at night it has many great lighting options. The new thing on my list for Cory to find is a couch. I miss sitting on couches believe it or not!
Last night we went to our first broadway show. We saw the Producers. The show will have its final night in a couple of weeks after being on broadway for years. I was amazed at the elaborate set changes. Pictures are not allowed but as the curtain was closing I just had to snap one picture. Okay that just about sums up what we have been doing in pictures. In other news, I have a couple of job interviews at two independant high schools in Manhattan. Cory and I had an interview yesterday to see if we could get a low income apartment in a new high rise luxury apartment. The verdict after months of wishing and plenty of paperwork, we were declined. They said that we are "high income potential." I was never so down for having so much potential. We will show them. We will make just $22,000 a year for the rest of our lives. Just kidding, we will strive to make so much money that they will pay us to live in their fancy pants building! The sun came out today. Cory even went for a walk in shorts!!! God is good.


Anonymous 9:05 PM  

Yea...a new blog! Love the new place! The interviewers got it right...Potential is written all over you guys! Just reflect! God has great things for you!
Much love! Mom

amorphous nate 12:07 AM  

welcome back...your dreams were your ticket out...

place looks nice, no scary indians staring at you from the walls in the new place.

live up to it.

Anonymous 10:34 AM  

It's "springtime for Hitler and Germany", always the best time. Keep it light, keep it bright. Midget

Rachel :) 2:21 AM  

ernie and I are jealous that you met Lorenzo Neal. (we are super Charger fans!!. congrats on the new place! love the pictures!!

dsheely 11:31 PM  

I hope this show was .... and that you loved it.

coryandannie 2:56 PM  

Thanks to your gift of the broadway show tickets we had a great time. Thank you so much for the perfect gift!!!!!!!

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